Chris Gardner

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Chris Gardner
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A warrior and conqueror in his own right, Christopher Paul Gardner or more famously known as “Chris Gardner” was there when life gave its worst and its best to a man. Chris Gardner is the founder and CEO of Gardner Rich & Co. We’ve watched his struggles and triumphs, together with his son, in the movie The Pursuit of Happyness, played by Will Smith and son Jaden Smith.


Why Chris Gardner is Extraordinary

We all face life’s struggles and sometimes we are defeated, other times we become the victor. There are those just give up on the first provocation that life gives, there are those who give it a good fight down to the last drop of blood. It is often said that quitters never win and winners never quit. Such is Chris Gardner—a winner because he never quits.

Chris Gardner’s Success Story

His various failures became the springboard from which successes later in life will be based. His ability to just move on regardless of the odds proved to us that life’s challenges are not permanent and that there is hope no matter what.

His tenacity inspired people because in these times of economic turmoil, a lot of us are facing the same situation and while many are already defeated, others took inspiration from Chris Gardner and continued the fight with the hopes that someday, just like Chris, the tides will turn to their favor.

Happy endings always inspire us. There is that part of us that want to experience the same happy ending that a character has experienced in a story. But the life of Chris Gardner is not only about happy endings, it’s about how you pursue that happy ending and, while attaining the goal is rewarding, the journey towards the goal is equally so.

His philanthropic works are proof that he valued the journey that he has been through in that he is willing to give a helping hand to those who used to be on the same boat as he was. This is a man who doesn’t forget life’s lessons; rather he cherished them and continues to learn from them.

Listening to his keynote speeches is an experience like no other because you know that you are learning from a man who has been badly bent but not broken. His speeches are not the empty rants that you hear from rappers and pseudo-preachers, these rather are life principles learned the hard way.

Chris Gardner is an inspiration to a lot of us because we can all relate to the kind of situations that he has been through. How many experienced being left by a lover at a time when everything seems to crumble down? How many experienced homelessness after being left by the one you love? How many have to raise a child in the midst of all this?

We all experience these kinds of challenges but Chris is of different mold. Instead of giving in to the pressures, he fought it out until things go his way. This is the kind of person that inspires us because like most of us, he has experienced life’s worst but unlike most of us, he never allowed it to define who he is.

Remaining a Humble Man Despite His Large Net Worth

The life of Chris Gardner is a life lived to the fullest. It’s not only about making dreams come true, but also about living through the daily challenges until you attain those dreams. When you study the life of Chris, not only you will you realize that dreams do come true, but that there are practical steps that you need to take to make them come true. His life is not about the “pie in the sky” but the recipe of how he cooked that pie and it inspires us because we, too, would like to cook our own pie.

Another thing that inspires people about Chris Gardner is that his prosperity never changed him. A lot of people find prosperity harder to live than poverty in that it feeds deep seated greed that only finds expression now that they are wealthy.

Wealth is difficult to control because with it comes power and influence and the abuse of which, brings a man back to where he came from. Not so with Chris Gardner. Now a millionaire, he might have dressed differently, lived in a luxurious house, travelled a lot, and enjoyed most of what a wealthy man would enjoy, but he never forgot his roots.

His philanthropic endeavors are evidence that the man still identifies with where he came from. In his speeches we see a man who wants to pull us to where he is and enjoy the same things that he is enjoying. Looking at Chris Gardner, one will realize that dreams are possible and goals are reachable.

Chris Gardner is an inspiration and will continue to be one in the hearts of this generation and the generations to come. A man like him comes but once and the legacy that he left behind lingers and continues to warm our hearts. He is a successful father, a successful businessman, and a life teacher like no other. That is why Chris Gardner is an extraordinary man.

Top Reasons why Chris Gardner is Extraordinary

  1. Growing up without a father did not keep him from becoming a wonderful dad to Christopher Jr.
  2. He never abandoned his responsibility to his son as a father even as they struggled with homelessness.
  3. They were homeless for a little less than a year.
  4. He did not give up despite his challenges and strived to become a broker.
  5. Chris performed so well that he founded his own firm, Gardner Rich.
  6. When it was sold, he started Christopher Gardner International Holdings.
  7. From being homeless, Chris is now the boss of his own company.
  8. His story was made into a movie titled "The Pursuit of Happyness."
  9. Will Smith played Chris and received nominations for his moving portrayal.
  10. Now, Chris is an esteemed speaker, author, businessman, and a celebrated philanthropist.

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