Chris Hadfield

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Chris Hadfield
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Chris Hadfield has brought fame to his home country, Canada, when he became the first Canadian to enter the Russian space ship, Mir, in 1995 and do spacewalks years afterwards. It meant a lot of things. First, the enmity between Russia and Canada, which marked a bloody war in history, has been officially put behind the backs of the two nations now working as a team to make space exploration easier to undertake. Second is that Canada has proven to the world that they too have contributed to the voyage of humanity beyond the Earth. More than just personal glory, Chris Hadfield brought honor to the country to which he humbly credits his success.


Why Chris Hadfield is Extraordinary

Chris Hadfield became a hero to the Canadian people when he paved the way to space for them. But what he did whilst being out on a mission enthralled not only Canada, but the whole world. As the first Canadian to ever do a spacewalk and board the Russian spacecraft, Mir, Chris Hadfield became a celebrity in his own right. And not only that, this astronaut can carry a tune!

Bringing Canada Honor Like Roberta Bondar Did

Before Chris, a woman named Roberta Bondar has flown to space, making her Canada's first female astronaut and the first neurologist in space. Having someone from their country fly to space was not something novel for Canadians anymore. But Chris did something no astronaut has ever dared to do—stay connected while out in space.

It afforded him the luxury of companionship denied to his forerunners in space exploration, such as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. But more than just keeping in touch, Chris used his circumstance to give his fellow human beings a glimpse of what is beyond the planet. He shared amazing shots of different perspectives of the Earth from space. Going further, he encouraged people to think globally, of going beyond territorial issues. That makes him the first political astronaut.

Quotes on Working Together

During a pre-flight interview he explained about space exploration as something we ought to do together as peoples of the Earth. His sincerity reverberates in his words below:

“I think it’s the right thing to do. I think as a species, as a shared group of people living on the surface of this planet, it makes sense if we’re going to leave it and go somewhere else in the solar system that we should try and do it as collectively as possible, both to share the cost of it but also to share the benefits of it. So it’s kind of driven by the physics and the complexity, but there’s certain purity and a beauty to that. The result that we’re doing it internationally and collectively, I think, is a really good one, and I hope that we can prolong that as long as possible and not turn it into just a purely competitive, a one-shot deal or kind of a thoughtless, selfish way of exploring the universe. I really like the way we’re doing it as a species right now and I want to help prolong that.”

Going to space was an impossible endeavor back when Chris Hadfield was 10 years old and has just decided that he wanted to be an astronaut. That, however, did not stop him from working hard to reach his dream. It looks like he had it easy. But the truth is, for Chris, the journey to space was wrought with dead ends. If it’s not luck that brought him to space, it must be destiny.

Top Reasons why Chris Hadfield is Extraordinary

  1. He’s the first astronaut to leverage social network sites to stay connected while in space.
  2. He's the first Canadian astronaut to do a spacewalk.
  3. He sings in space and uploads his composition on YouTube.
  4. He’s an awesome teacher with his space experiments.
  5. He fashions an old school mustache!
  6. He was a Canadian Air cadet at 13 years old.
  7. He lived on the Mir for 6 months in space.
  8. He earned a glider pilot scholarship at 15 years old and a powered pilot scholarship at 16 years old.
  9. He was named top graduate of CFB Moose Jaw in the Basic Jet Training course and served as the Chief Astronaut for the CSA for 4 years.
  10. He has flown over 70 different types of aircraft and was named by Forbes as The Most Social Media Savvy Astronaut Ever to Leave Earth.

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