David Suzuki is considered a world leader in sustainable ecology because of his actions in taking care of nature and its wildlife. Through his radio and television programs, as well as his organization, the “David Suzuki Foundation,” David has greatly helped in influencing many to do their part in making the world a better place to live in. David’s many speaking engagements has caused him to become one of the world’s most popular geneticists, and has garnered numerous supporters due to his charismatic appeal and passion for the environment.

Imran Khan Niazi is Pakistan's most famous cricket player and the Chairman and founder of the political party Tehreek-e-Insaf (Movement for Justice). He is a philanthropist, a political activist, and a staunch supporter of development and reformation of the government of Pakistan.

George Lucas is undoubtedly one of the people who helped shape the filmmaking industry. He is most known for his two films, “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones,” both of which have gained cult followings over the years since their release. He is also among the American film industry’s most successful and financially wealthy directors and producers. George Lucas’ film franchises have greatly influenced the development of science fiction movies that today, many film directors cite him as an inspiration in their own films.

If Jane Goodall lived many years ago, then we might suspect that she inspired the character of Jane Porter, Tarzan of the Jungle’s true love. But Jane Goodall was born when the novel Tarzan was already popularly known as a children’s classic book. In her case, it was the other way around—she was inspired by Tarzan of the Jungle. Having Jane for a name was merely a coincidence. From the onset, Jane chose a life that’s far from ordinary. She loved everything about nature and felt at home around animals.

Mark Zuckerberg is the baby–face multi-billionaire, Harvard dropout and founder of the biggest social networking site, Facebook—now with over one billion users. Mark started Facebook during his college days at Harvard in order for the students to connect with one another. Facebook made networking a hit because of the way it helps people connect and interact with each other through its wall, instant messaging, like button, and image tagging.

Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson, former Los Angeles Lakers player known as “Magic Johnson,” was diagnosed with HIV in 1991. He was also known for his epic basketball rivalry with Celtics’ Larry Bird. The first player to sell license NBA products, Magic founded the Johnson Development Corporation and won an Olympic Gold medal when he competed in the 1992 US Olympic with the dream team.

Tawakkol Karman AKA the iron woman and Mother of the Revolution is a journalist, a human rights activist, a mother, an independent member of the Al-Islah Yemen political party, and the founder of Women Journalists Without Chains. She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize Award in 2011 for her efforts and establishment of nonviolent struggles for the safety of women, women’s rights, and their full participation in the peacebuilding work of Yemen—the youngest ever (32 years old) and only the second Muslim to receive this prestigious award.

Fourteen–year–old Cris Kesz Valdez, International Children’s Peace Prize winner and Championing Community Children founder, to date has reached out and helped over ten thousand street kids since its humble beginnings back in 2005. Kesz’s message of hope, love and education on the essential topics of hygiene and health along with his annual giving street children a “Gift of Hope,” combined with his Wealthy Healthy Outreach Programs have helped treat over 3000 children’s wounds and handed over ten thousand toothbrushes to children since its start in 2005.

Gangnam Style singer Psy has achieved the extraordinary: the most downloaded YouTube video in history within an incredibly short space of only five months! As of December the 2nd, Gangnam Style had over 874 million downloads, sparked by parodies from as far right as conservative political parties and the United Nations, to people in cities all over the globe making their own version of Gangnam Style videos.

Young scientist Aidan Dwyer, known to many in the scientific world as a genius, came to fame after he discovered a new breakthrough and more efficient way to collect solar energy. Aidan’s discovery has since caused a sensational debate between other scientists over the internet after he concluded results from his solar tree experiment generated between 20%-50% more energy that standardized commercial flat panel solar panels. The theory and results behind Aidan’s breakthrough would be grounded in both nature and science.

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