A warrior and conqueror in his own right, Christopher Paul Gardner or more famously known as “Chris Gardner” was there when life gave its worst and its best to a man. Chris Gardner is the founder and CEO of Gardner Rich & Co. We’ve watched his struggles and triumphs, together with his son, in the movie The Pursuit of Happyness, played by Will Smith and son Jaden Smith.

Meet the extraordinary athlete and runner Marla Runyan. Diagnosed blind after contracting Stargardt's Disease. Winner of 5 Gold medals in the 1992 Barcelona Para Olympics’. The first disabled woman to compete in the 2000 Summer Olympic Games. In 2002 Marla held three US 1500m running titles and was No1 in the US for the 5000m and marathon. Author of "No Finish Line: My Life as I See It" and ambassador for the Perkins School for the Blind.
"We all have disabilities whether it’s a physical disability or not.”  Marla Runyan

“Gives you wings” is what a bottle of Red Bull does, according to its ad. Catchy but impossible. So why is everybody crazy about Red Bull? Isn’t it said that energy drinks have harmful side effects? Some studies even claim that energy drink ingredients are not for any living thing because of what they cause our body to react. This kind of bad publicity is going around publications and through the airwaves for quite some time now, but Dietrich Mateschitz’s business is not showing any sign of financial constraint whatsoever.

What do adults get out of reading Harry Potter? Isn’t it a story intended for children? The author herself was not prepared for the success that awaited her Harry Potter series. The conception of Harry Potter’s character is far from romantic; J.K. Rowling, or Joanne “Jo” Rowling in real life, was aboard a delayed train to Manchester when, before her very eyes, a vision of a bespectacled boy appeared and excited the writer within her.

Before Tiger Woods, the winner of 76 official PGA Tour events, golf had a reputation of being a boring sport. It’s a ball game all right, but it does not involve running. Neither does it have the competitive environment so palpably felt in the basketball court or soccer field. Golf was simply a game for the elite, in particular, the older generation. All that changed drastically when Tiger Woods began playing.

How many entrepreneurs have the decency and ethics to care less about profit? How many of them are sincerely inclined to create honest-to-goodness jobs? In this capitalist-driven age, most will not believe such a business person actually exists. Yes, the late Anita Roddick was very much a real person, a shrewd entrepreneur, and a woman of worth. Yes, she did not care less about generating income if it would trample on anybody’s rights. And yes, she is believed to have donated all of her wealth to charities before she died.

Despite his small frame, Jack Ma is a force to be reckoned with. He is the man who founded, China’s now number one e-commerce site. At his first touch of the computer keyboard, Jack knew that the Internet is the next best thing that is to happen to China. Jack Ma is currently valued at 3.4 billion dollars by the Forbes Magazine as of October 2012.

The lives of the Royal Family has been the subject of constant prying in the recent years, and for this reason, we should be wary of whatever news that comes out concerning them. In endeavouring to give a balanced characterization of the life of Queen Elizabeth II, it is necessary that one should be privy to the ins-and-outs of the royal life. Yet, that is a privilege granted only to some of the most trusted people of the monarchy. For this reason, it is quite difficult to really uncover the simple person behind the queenly robes and dazzling crown.

Wim Hof holds the title of the only person able to withstand being submerged in ice for one hour and 52 minutes. He does the unexpected, thus accomplishes things thought to be impossible. How he stays alive after being subjected to extremely cold environment baffled doctors. His amazingly normal physiological response to abnormally low temperature was closely studied by doctors and experts alike.

To be loved for portraying a hero is understandable, but to be loved despite playing an anti-hero or a vulnerable character is something only a Dustin Hoffman could do. Dustin Hoffman is no hunk and he capitalized on his physical shortcomings—he is not good-looking enough as far as Hollywood standard for good looks is concerned. As a so–so looking guy, Hoffman cannot be cast for roles in movies that intend not to entertain people, but generate income to pay for the appearance of an A-list celebrity playing the lead.

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