There are many ways to become a billionaire. One is talent. World–class talent is now very easy to discover ever since the Internet made Earth a global village. Another one is bankable business. While the economy is not looking promising for investors, it is the brave ones that strike gold. Talent combined with a bankable business is sure to land anyone on the Forbes list.

Lakhdar Brahimi is one of the world’s finest and most experienced leaders in the world today. He has a long and extensive career as a representative and ambassador for Algeria in many nations, wherein he strengthened the relationships between these countries and Algeria through his flamboyant, yet straightforward personality.

More popularly known by his nickname, The Blade Runner, Oscar Pistorius is truly an inspirational figure we all can look up to. Despite not having feet, Oscar won many championships in the field of racing, even competing with able–bodied people.

Gro is a hands–on mother to her kids, an involved partner to her husband, a doctor to children, a leader to her people in Norway, and a driving force in social causes of global concern in the UN. Unless we understand how motherhood alone requires so much of a woman’s time, we will never fully appreciate Gro’s contribution not only to her home country but to the world.

Archbishop Desmond Mpilo Tutu, or simply “Tutu,” is a renowned social rights activist and Nobel laureate who became famous for his crusade against the apartheid rule in South Africa. He was born on 7 October 1931 in South Africa, and became the first black Archbishop of Cape Town of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa. He has used his position and influence as an Archbishop to campaign against oppression and human rights abuses throughout the continent.

Angelina Jolie can only be described by superlatives. She’s been named both the World’s Sexiest and the World’s Most Beautiful by prestigious publishing companies. She is one of the highest paid celebrities and is considered one of the most powerful too. On top of all that, Angelina also is one of the most giving celebrities on the planet. It is hard to place Angelina Jolie in any acting category. Her unique persona invented a whole new peg in showbiz—that of a dark yet irresistible figure.

There are no words to describe the kind of heart Muhammad Yunus has. As a Nobel laureate and the founder of “Grameen Bank,” Yunus thrived without being swallowed by the perennially-twisted system of banking. To say that “it is the creativity of the human minds which will solve the problem” is quite a declaration, but it is his faith in the intellect and innate kindness of the human race that makes him so inspiring. With the kind of tutelage he had – an Economics Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University – he could venture effortlessly into business.

Deepak Chopra is said to be the world’s wealthiest alternative medicine practitioner. He has certainly done well in his own venture: the “Deepak Chopra Center for Wellness.” Since his foray into mind-body wellness, he has authored over 70 books; in them, he repeatedly emphasizes how the body’s state is directly proportionate to its emotional condition. Not only did he present his hypotheses through his books, but he also included ways to deal with stressors which adversely affect our physical health and cause us to age more rapidly.

Condoleezza Rice held positions that no sane president would assign lightly to anyone. Who will ever forget the September 11th attacks? It certainly was not a good time to be the National Security Advisor. The attack happened one year after Condoleezza was appointed as the first-ever woman to hold the position. We only have to hear Condoleezza speak to understand why she was given such critical positions of power. She is something!

Jennifer Lopez has gone a long way from being a back-up dancer when she was named the Most Beautiful Woman in the World in 2011 by People Magazine. With sheer talent and good looks, she conquered the entertainment world and made herself into a fashion icon. What she has achieved serves as an inspiration to Latinas like her to dream and make for themselves a life under the spotlight.

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