Cris Kesz Valdez

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Cris Kesz Valdez
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Fourteen–year–old Cris Kesz Valdez, International Children’s Peace Prize winner and Championing Community Children founder, to date has reached out and helped over ten thousand street kids since its humble beginnings back in 2005. Kesz’s message of hope, love and education on the essential topics of hygiene and health along with his annual giving street children a “Gift of Hope,” combined with his Wealthy Healthy Outreach Programs have helped treat over 3000 children’s wounds and handed over ten thousand toothbrushes to children since its start in 2005.


Why Cris Kesz Valdez is Extraordinary

Kesz Valdez is hands down extraordinary!!! Founder of the Championing Community Children charity, annual giver of “Gift of Hope” and at the incredibly young age of thirteen he has been awarded the 2012 International Children’s Peace Prize; for his making an exceptional and courageous works have inspired entire communities along with making a significant difference in solving problems that affect children all over the world.

Cris Kesz Valdez’s Inspiring Story

What makes Kesz Valdez so extraordinary is that if you were to look for him at the age of two, you would have found him picking garbage in Manila’s infamous Captive dumpsite. Beaten by his father and neglected by his mother up till the age of four years old (after they failed to sell him), Kesz was labeled bad luck. Forced to beg, scavenge, eat garbage for food and bring back money to support his father’s drug and alcohol addictions, Kesz escaped from his family at four years old and spent his days begging on the streets in Manila's poorest slum area. At night he could be found sleeping on top of open graves or in shop doorways, surviving as a Filipino slum street kid for over 1 ½ years.

Rescued by a kind man by the name of Manalaysay who, after a terrible accident adopted him, Kesz had no wish for himself during his seventh birthday and instead said, “I wish to give gifts to other street children.”

This was the start of something extraordinary. Since that day and the founding of the Championing Community Children, Kesz has gone on to achieve great success. Both Kesz and his charity have delivered over 7,000 “Gifts of Hope” containing rubber shoes, food, clothing and toys to the street kids of the slums in Manila. Kesz’s Wealthy Health Outreach program that he runs with the help of other children volunteer’s, has tended over 3000 children’s wounds and handed out thousands of toothbrushes, whilst educating them about nutrition, hygiene, gardening and children’s rights.

At thirteen Kesz has done more than what most adults have ever done in a life time. His passion is in giving a message of hope to the street kids. He invests both his time and energy educating street kids about health, nutrition, and hygiene. According to Kesz, “Being healthy will enable [one] to play, think clearly, go to school and love the people around you.” He is an inspiration and an example to us all that one person can make a difference, even a child at that!

"I help because I see myself in children, who roam and live on the streets, and some good-hearted people showed me love and changed my life, and I am just paying it forward."

Eventually, Kesz aspires to become a medical doctor, so that he can help more children, not only in the Philippines but in other countries throughout the world as well as he continues with his charity.

We look forward to continuing to follow the life of this extraordinary young man, his activities, his success and his passion; to be both a light of hope to those that live only to see darkness and be an inspiration to those who are in the position to help.

Cris Kesz Valdez now on Facebook

Kesz is now on Facebook, trying to inform as many people as possible about the plight of neglected street children. To those who want to help, you may visit their page to see the account numbers where you could send donations.

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