Eesha Khare

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Eesha Khare
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What if batteries could be charged in less than a minute? How convenient that would be! Imagine not having to explain why you aren’t returning calls or can’t be reached. More importantly, places devastated by natural calamities won’t ever be cut-off just because of dead cell phones. Eesha Khare knew she was onto something big when her experiment was able to light up an LED. It meant that charging her supercapacitor for 20 seconds was enough to light up a bulb! Intel recognized her revolutionary invention, and she bagged the 50,000-dollar prize money.


Why Eesha Khare is Extraordinary

Google is now after Eesha Khare, the inventor of the “supercapacitor” that can be recharged in 20 seconds. She won 50,000 dollars in 2013 in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. Her research, “Design and Synthesis of Hydrogenated TiO2-Polyaniline Nanorods for Flexible High-Performance Supercapacitors,” looks into the possibility of using energy-saving devices that can last up to 10,000 charge-and-discharge cycles, as opposed to lithium ion’s 1,000 cycles.

She is set to go to Harvard to pursue a degree in Nanophysics, her first love. While Eesha’s peers are interested in the opposite sex, Eesha’s eyes are on the wonders of the future. Having a “stone-age” phone with unreliable batteries, Eesha knows what it’s like to be let down by technology that’s supposed to help us. Instead of moping around, she figured out a way to solve the charging problem: she created a supercapacitor that will enable batteries to charge faster and run longer.

More than Supercapacitors

But, aside from successfully laying the foundation for supercapacitors, there’s one more thing she wants to achieve:

"I think there’s a lot of stigma being a girl—being a woman in science—so I really wanted to break that in the world in science.” (SOURCE: KTSF)

As a girl who wants to “set the world on fire,” Eesha plans to start by earning a degree. Her parents, both accomplished scientists in their own right, remain her biggest fans and most avid supporters. With such a strong support system, Eesha can take anything in stride.

But, for now, she’s going to use the money she was awarded to develop more technology and gather as much knowledge as she can about the subject she loves. Eesha proves that girls who are into science are cool, too!

Top Reasons why Eesha Khare is Extraordinary

  1. She was a runner-up at the “Intel International Science and Engineering Fair” in 2013.
  2. She was invited to speak on the talk show “Conan.”
  3. She was only 18 when she developed “supercapacitors,” which allow batteries to charge in less than a minute.
  4. Her invention can be used for mobile phone batteries, cars, and many other common electronic devices.
  5. Her parents are both scientists and have patents of their own.
  6. She's going to Harvard!
  7. Although a girl of science, she isn't geeky at all, and knows how to have fun.
  8. She is an inspiration to people her age that they can do so many worthwhile things if they put their mind to them.
  9. She will be using her 50,000-dollar prize money from Intel for her education.
  10. Some reports say that she received offers from big companies like Google, but rejected each one for her desire to experience college life.

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