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Heidi Mendoza—Philippine anti-corruption fighter, Commissioner, auditor and investigator—first gained public attention when she controversially resigned from her position at the COA (Philippines’ Commission on Audit) in 2005, where she had served for over 20 years with a spotless record after accusing the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) of plunder and corruption of transactions involving 200 million pesos of which 50 million pesos were unaccounted for.


Why Heidi Lloce Mendoza is Extraordinary

At first you may wonder why an accountant and auditor could be seen as extraordinary, that is until you meet Heidi Mendoza who grabbed the public’s attention after exposing Filipino General Garcia with formal allegations of plundering, misappropriation of funds, deceit, and corruption to the tune of three hundred and three million pesos and US dollars. The orchestrated plundering involved the Philippine Soldier Pension Fund, the Balikatan Bank, United Nations Fund and the Armed Forces of the Philippines Modernization Fund as well as a massive fifty million pesos that was withdrawn and allegedly paid to General Garcia without being accounted for.

The COA Whistleblower Testifies Against the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)

Her plight was made even more public when her boss (the then Commission on Audit) Chairman Guillermo Carague, told her to go easy on the investigation filed against Garcia. But the public outcry soon led to his resignation.

She severed ties with COA where she worked with a spotless record for 20 years. She did that to formally lodge charges against the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) being involved in a massive corruption cover-up. Her investigations and fraud accusations invited death threats from powerful leaders whom she challenged with her fearless quest for justice.

Heading COA’s Anti-Corruption Branch

In 2011, she was commissioned by President Benigno Aquino III (son of the late Corazon Aquino—First Female Filipino President) to head the anti-corruption branch of COA to stamp out corruption, however, after almost two years after her position was announced, she is still to be officially sworn into the role.

Heidi’s journey to this role of power and prominence has never been an easy path. She and her family received constant death threats. She was tempted with but she has remained steadfast and never yielded.

Strengthened by her Christian faith, her family, church, and the nation’s President rallying behind to help end corruption, she continues to fight the battle and crusade she now calls as her mission and purpose in life.

In many ways, Heidi and her humble and shy persona does not truly reveal the extraordinary person she is, however, it is her unyielding crusade to do what is right for the people she serves. It is the courage to protect the justice system while also putting her and her family’s lives on the line that separates her from just the ordinary. She epitomizes giving the extra in ordinary to become truly extraordinary in what she does.

Top Reasons why Heidi Lloce Mendoza is Extraordinary

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