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Sustainable, comfortable, eco-friendly; these are just a few of the words one can use to describe the architectural wonders called “Earthships” that were designed and constructed by Mike Reynolds, an architect with an environmentalist’s perspective. Mike’s designs are often regarded as “unusual” and sometimes even “impractical,” but one cannot help admitting that Mike’s radical architectural designs are indeed fascinating.


Why Mike Reynolds is Extraordinary

Stress is a serious problem in the world today, as it contributes to the deaths of millions through various auto-immune disorders (diseases the body generates itself due to intense stress). Because this is the case, should we not try to relieve it by, say, living in houses in which the ambiance is right and the overall environment helps alleviate stress? There are people in this world who have devoted their entire lives and efforts to this cause – people like Mike Reynolds.

Michael “Mike” Reynolds is an environmentalist and architect who is best known for the “Earthship Biotecture,” an architectural building design which aims to create sustainable and eco-friendly homes which reduce stress and make living more comfortable, all while benefiting the environment. Mike’s work with these eco-friendly houses, or “Earthships,” has earned him great respect in the scientific community, especially now that we are beginning to work harder to protect and preserve the environment.

Mike’s Significance In Environmental Activism

Everyone who has been involved in environmental activism knows how significant Mike’s career has been in popularizing the industry. Back in the 1970s, Mike was among the few who promoted sustainable living, but more and more people are now aware of its importance. Mike’s work in environmental activism also led to the documentary film “Garbage Warrior.”

For his work in introducing eco-friendly homes and sustainable living, Mike has received numerous awards and honors, including the “UK Innovation Award,” the “Spirit of Activism Award” and the “VIBES Award for Small Businesses.” His documentary film, “Garbage Warrior,” has also won several awards.

Better Houses, Less Stress, better Life

Mike’s passion for building Earthships comes from his desires to help preserve the environment and alleviate stress, which causes much sickness and disease, through sustainable homes. For Mike, an efficient home is a healthy place in which to live, and does wonders for the lives of those who inhabit it:

“If you took stress out of people’s lives and made them happy in terms of the way they live – if you made it easy for them to be at peace on this planet – they would bloom. And I think humanity could go to a whole different level.”

It is because of people like Mike Reynolds that we have a chance of saving our planet from total destruction. His efforts in encouraging people to help preserve the environment through sustainable living ensure that future generations will have a world to enjoy. Years from now, when our children and grandchildren are grown, they will tell their descendants: “Do you know why we’ve lasted this long? It’s because of people like Mike Reynolds who took the time to remind us that we are the stewards of our planet, and it is our own responsibility to take care of it.”

“Inspiration, imagination and intuition are squashed in our world... We have the potential to enhance the planet. Trees enhance the planet. People could go further. We could make the Earth sing.”

Top Reasons why Mike Reynolds is Extraordinary

  1. Mike Reynolds is the founder and creator of “Earthships,” which are sustainable and eco-friendly houses which use recyclable items as construction materials.
  2. His “Earthship Biotecture” project has forever changed the way people view sustainable living.
  3. He is one of the pioneers of promoting eco-friendly housing.
  4. His “Earthship Biotecture” won the “Burlington House Award for Interiors” in 1975.
  5. He has built Earthships for many famous celebrities, including Keith Carradine and Dennis Weaver.
  6. He is often referred to as the “prophet of the green movement.”
  7. His life and career were featured in the 2007 film documentary “Garbage Warrior”, which won many awards.
  8. He received the “Spirit of Activism Award” at the Wild and Scenic Environmental Film event.
  9. His Earthships are not only eco-friendly and sustainable, but can also run themselves outside the reaches of common utility companies.
  10. He is cited as one of the greatest environmental achievers in history.

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