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theXtraordinary respects your privacy:

  • We do not contact you unless you have signed up to receive our newsletter
  • We do not sell or share our subscribers with any third party
  • You will not be tracked once you have left our site
  • Page view, time on site, entry and exit pages are not recorded for each subscriber, we only use aggregate data.
  • Please note any site using Facebook, Twitter and Google API may result in these companies having access to your data on our site, we cannot control what Facebook, Twitter and Google do with the API data.



  • Our daily email will only issue if we add a new person that day.
  • You will only be sent a daily email if you have specifically registered for it, and you may unsubscribe at any time
  • We do not share or sell our subscriber data with any third party
  • You will receive a maximum of one email a day
  • Our email may contain advertising at some future time.

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