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Rick Simpson, self-proclaimed ordinary guy is on a crusade against the major global pharmaceutical companies, lawmakers, and policy makers to legalize hemp oil sales on the basis of its cure–all compounds and miraculous effects in the treatment of cancer (prostate, glaucoma, melanoma, leukemia), eating disorders, skin ailments, and liver diseases. However, what makes Rick Simpson so extraordinary is that he is not seeking to profit from his crusade by patenting his medicine (so plant drug companies cannot patent it) but providing people since 2006 with hemp oil medicines at no cost.


Why Rick Simpson is Extraordinary

Hemp oil the cure–all. Do you believe it?

Rick Simpson does and since 2003, he has treated over 5,000 people suffering from aliments, such as melanoma skin cancer, glaucoma (brain cancer), lung cancer, leukemia, scoliosis, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, anorexia, and herpes, claiming, “Seventy per cent of the patients that follow the protocol become cancer-free after ingesting 60 grams of high-quality oil.” However, this alone does not make Rick extraordinary. What makes Rick so extraordinary is that he provides this service for no personal profit. Yes, he treats people for free.

“Crush Cancer” with Hemp Oil

Rick’s crusade, “Crush Cancer,” has seen him imprisoned and forced him to flee his native country—Canada. Now residing somewhere in Europe in an undisclosed location, he is unstoppable. His drive and personal commitment to take on the big pharmaceutical companies and lawmakers to promote hemp oil as a cure for cancer has gained greater and greater awareness and a ground swell of support in both cancer treatment medical circles and public debate globally—on a daily basis—today.

Rick Simpson doesn’t believe he himself is extraordinary. But he passionately believes that the properties of hemp oil are. Hemp, one of the oldest imperial (plant–based) medicines, has been widely accepted as the cure for civilizations’ individual aliments for thousands of years until its prohibition since the 1920s by lawmakers being influenced by the greed of big pharmaceutical corporations globally.

We encourage you to share this article and information with your friends, family, and colleagues to educate them on other ways and alternative solutions available to those who may be seeking knowledge, assistance, and further research for alternative actions available for them to consider, other than blindly accepting only expensive and toxic cancer treatments on offer today.

We are encouraged to present and bring to you this extraordinary man, Rick Simpson, and his findings. Rick, who is challenging our modern way of thinking about medical advice and treatments and making us aware of a potentially more natural solution to difficult treatment decisions involving cancer, is undoubtedly extraordinary!

Top Reasons why Rick Simpson is Extraordinary

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