How much are we willing to do for the oppressed and those whose voices are too faint to hear? That’s what Madeline Janis, a lawyer, has done all her life. As accomplished as she may be, she has opted to work alongside minorities, people whose rights are not recognized often enough and cannot always afford decent housing. She founded the “Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy” (LAANE) along with fellow activists and organizers, Miguel Contreras and Maria Elena Durazo.

Farming is one of the oldest and most fundamental occupations in the world. Humanity owes much of its food production to hard-working farmers who spend their days labouring under the heat of the sun so we can have food on our tables.

What if batteries could be charged in less than a minute? How convenient that would be! Imagine not having to explain why you aren’t returning calls or can’t be reached. More importantly, places devastated by natural calamities won’t ever be cut-off just because of dead cell phones. Eesha Khare knew she was onto something big when her experiment was able to light up an LED. It meant that charging her supercapacitor for 20 seconds was enough to light up a bulb! Intel recognized her revolutionary invention, and she bagged the 50,000-dollar prize money.

The orangutan is one of the creatures that most-closely resemble human beings. They are lovable not only for their appearance, but also the behavioural and character traits they share with us. Even among all apes, orangutans stand quite unique because of how they resemble humans with heightened intelligence, the ability to feel emotions and friendliness to human beings.

“” was founded by an aspiring banker who was trained all his life to go where the money was. But when Benjamin Michael Rattray had an epiphany after his brother confessed to being homosexual, Ben changed careers. He decided that only wanting to earn money was meaningless, and devised a way to make profit go hand-in-hand with inciting change. After his venture caused Bank of America to rescind its five-dollar transaction fee in response to a 22-year-old’s petition, he knew he was in business.

Who says science is boring? Learn from this teenage genius who used her passion for science to benefit her community by making safe and healthy drinking water cheaper and more available to the public. At only fifteen years of age, Deepika Kurup has already made her mark in history and proved to everyone that science is far more than being in a lab and mixing chemicals – it is about discovering the world and sharing those discoveries with our fellow human beings.

He created “TED,” “TEDMED,” “The Understanding Business” and “Access Press,” and wrote books on baffling topics. There’s no doubt that Richard Saul Wurman profited greatly from his own ignorance; all he ever did was ask questions. Richard wanted answers, but the information presented to him was hardly understandable. Because he set out to look for information and make it available through unorthodox means, he has every right to call himself an “information architect,” a term he coined himself for one who is into information architecture.

Call him an overly-attached dolphin-lover, but Ric O’Barry sees something in these wonderful and lovable creatures that many have missed or forgotten all these years: dolphins share several traits with humans, including emotion and intellect. In light of the dolphin population’s massive decline due to being hunted for food, Ric has become a dedicated defender of these creatures, travelling the world to encourage people to protect them.

Eve Ensler is the creator of “The Vagina Monologues.” Like the woman who wrote it, the play is a bold testament to the growing self-awareness of women from different backgrounds who share one thing: their vagina. To address issues that plague women, she set up “V-Day,” an organization which then led to the creation of the “City of Joy.” “The Vagina Monologues” received the “Obie Award” for Best New Play, while Eve received the “Berrilla-Kerr Award” for Playwriting, the “Elliot Norton Award” for Outstanding Solo Performance, and the “Jury Award” for Theater at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival.

Food is often among the most significant factors that affect a person’s health. Throughout history, man has always sought ways to improve what he eats, but it is quite unfortunate that the modernization of food has made artificial much of what we eat, removing many nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy. Fortunately, though, there are still people in the world that promote natural food and support natural farming – people like Gary Paul Nabhan.

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