The human mind: the last frontier of man’s journey to discover himself, and the one thing that sets humans apart from all other creatures on Earth. The mind is often referred to as a person’s soul, containing the various aspects of thought, emotion and decision. So, understanding the mind is a great necessity in addressing many of the problems we face today and helping people become more productive members of their community.

Sustainable, comfortable, eco-friendly; these are just a few of the words one can use to describe the architectural wonders called “Earthships” that were designed and constructed by Mike Reynolds, an architect with an environmentalist’s perspective. Mike’s designs are often regarded as “unusual” and sometimes even “impractical,” but one cannot help admitting that Mike’s radical architectural designs are indeed fascinating.

Chelsea Elizabeth Manning, formerly known as “Bradley Edward Manning,” is a soldier in the United States Army who became famous worldwide for being accused, and convicted of, leaking the largest-ever set of classified files regarding a U.S. military controversy. With extraordinary passion for truth and justice, Chelsea was willing to give up her military career so the truth about certain war-related injustices could be revealed.

When Ami Dar was a kid, he had a remarkable vision to change the world. Now, forty years later, Ami is one of the most significant people in the world, having created one of the largest websites for people around the world to connect with numerous non-profit organizations: “” Ami’s idea of using the internet to bring people of all races and cultures together revolutionized the world of philanthropy and contributed to the rising popularity of charitable organizations all over the world.

Innovation and passion are two words that will summarize the life and career of this amazing and extraordinary person. Craig Newmark is the man responsible for one of the world’s largest classified ad sites, “Craigslist.” His determination to make a positive change in the lives of people around the world, coupled with his remarkable talent for technology, has made him one of the internet’s most significant entrepreneurs.

Pro bono and volunteering; around these words revolve the life and career of Aaron Hurst, the founder of the international “Taproot Foundation” which has established itself as the largest non-profit consulting firm in the United States and, for more than a decade, has brought thousands of volunteers and organizations together. Aaron’s genuine desire to help people has enabled him to inspire thousands to help and serve others.

The internet, vast as it is, offers unlimited potential for learning, researching and experiencing social interaction. Through the internet, the spread of knowledge has never been richer or faster. In Kenya, the spread of sustainable internet access has been slow, but, thanks to people like Juliana Rotich, the founder of the non-profit organization “Ushahidi,” more and more Kenyans – and other Africans – now have access.

Passion, determination, and a selfless desire to serve mankind summarize the life and career of Rachael Chong, a young professional who gave up her chance to rise up the corporate ladder so she could help others and make a greater impact in the world. As the founder of “Catchafire,” one of today’s most successful volunteering sites, Rachael is a powerful inspiration to a young generation of professionals who are looking to make their mark in history.

Harry Belafonte is a Grammy Award-winning artist who made a hit out of “Calypso” in the 1950s. Touted as the “King of Calypso,” Harry’s “Banana Boat” rendition still lives on today. His long-playing album, “Calypso,” became the first L.P. in the U.S. to sell over 1 million copies within one year. He was one of the first African-American performers in the history of American pop culture; well aware of his influence, he used it to fight against apartheid, poverty and inequality, and his circle of friends included Martin Luther King, Jr., Sidney Poitier and the Kennedys.

As one of the most influential teachers/lecturers of health and wellness, Dean Ornish has indeed made his mark in the world by introducing revolutionary, healthy and convenient methods of avoiding diseases. Through his work with the “Preventive Medicine Research Institute,” which he founded himself, Dean has become an established expert on an international level.

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