Julia “Butterfly” Hill endured 738 days atop Luna to stop loggers from cutting the 1,500-year-old redwood tree. Maxxam Corporation, the operator of Pacific Lumber, did their best to get her off Luna to no avail. Finally, after two years and eight days of residing 800 feet above the ground, Julia “Butterfly” Hill once again set foot on earth. Luna was saved and the bestselling “The Legacy of Luna” followed suit. Now, Luna remains to be a living tree and is yet to be made timber for houses or exotic sets of furniture.

The term “be the change you want to see in the world” has become cliché for a lot of people today, but there are still some who prove that these words are true. A good example of this is Narayanan Krishnan, who for more than ten years now has been impacting the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of homeless, poor and mentally ill people in India.

Jane Fonda—who doesn’t know her? Recipient of a Tony Award, two Academy Awards, an Emmy Award, and three Golden Globes, she’s one of the greatest actresses of all time. Her 1980s exercise videos are still regarded as the bestselling workout videos of all time, selling about 17 million copies worldwide. She’s been the target of controversies all along after her Hanoi Jane brouhaha, but even that catastrophic misstep did little to diminish her stardom. Jane remained one of the most respected stars then and now.

Generally referred to as the “greatest apologist of our time,” Dr. Ravi Zacharias is truly making a significant mark in history by his successful defence of the biblical views of Christianity. A very talented and gifted speaker, pastor and apologist, Ravi is one of the leading figures in the Christian faith today, travelling around the world and leading millions of people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Named as the ‘Next Billy Graham,’ T.D. Jakes certainly lives up to his reputation: he is one of today’s most influential preachers in the world, with his television show being aired daily in more than one hundred countries worldwide, reaching millions of people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His church, “The Potter’s House,” a congregation of more than thirty thousand members, is among the ten largest protestant churches in the United States.

Rabia Siddique is the author of “Equal Justice,” a memoir of her stint in the British Army where she fought for and against the system. As a British Army lawyer, an attractive one at that, Rabia’s life has been a paradox. While she’s been commissioned to become the system’s face for equal opportunities in the army, she’s been a victim of politicking. But Rabia wouldn’t have any of that. She stood up and fought the battle against the very institution she has faithfully served. The British Army settled and her role in the rescue of the two soldiers was acknowledged.

Zhang Xin is the CEO of SOHO China, the largest and most trusted real estate developer in Beijing. Together with her husband, Pan Shiyi, they started the company from scratch. From being a factory worker in Hong Kong, Zhang Xin braved going to London in search for a better life. Life overseas did open doors for a Chinese woman like her. Now a mother of two, Zhang Xin is several times richer than the Queen of England. Her family net worth is currently valued at 3.6 billion dollars, making her one of the richest in China and the whole world.

Timothy Hwang is a young businessman, philanthropist, entrepreneur and politician who is most popular for founding the National Youth Association, a nationwide organization in the United States that focuses on youth advocacy; the National Youth Lobby: and FiscalNote, a highly-ranked data analytics firm. What is so amazing about him is that he established these organizations and businesses at a young age, and is currently named as a rising star in politics in the United States.

Meet the extraordinary Natalie Coughlin. A professional female swimmer sports star and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. The first female to swim 100-meter backstroke in under 60 seconds. The first female in Olympic history to win six medals in a single Olympiad. She is also among the most decorated American Olympic female swimmers. “Without goals, training has no direction” Natalie Coughlin.

After two years of being homeless in her high school years too winning a New York Times Scholarship and being accepted into Harvard, Liz Murray has gone on to graduate, become a motivational speaker and start her own company Manifest Living.
Born in the Bronx, New York her mom died of AID’s when Liz was sixteen and her father in a homeless shelter. Liz strove to break the cycle of helplessness. Giving back and inspiring others a film documentary “Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story” was released in 2003 followed by a bestselling memoir “Breaking Night” in 2010. Liz received an honorary doctorate from Merrrimack College in 2013 for her public service.

“My vision is to be a catalyst for change around the world” Liz Murray.
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