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What makes someone a winner? Accolades? Wealth? Success? Fame? For most people, winning is all about achieving. A winner is someone who gets what he wants. Lance Armstrong falls in that category. He wants to win no matter what it takes. One way or another, we have heard about Lance Armstrong and his epic fall from grace.

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Meet the extraordinary athlete and runner Marla Runyan. Diagnosed blind after contracting Stargardt's Disease. Winner of 5 Gold medals in the 1992 Barcelona Para Olympics’. The first disabled woman to compete in the 2000 Summer Olympic Games. In 2002 Marla held three US 1500m running titles and was No1 in the US for the 5000m and marathon. Author of "No Finish Line: My Life as I See It" and ambassador for the Perkins School for the Blind.
"We all have disabilities whether it’s a physical disability or not.”  Marla Runyan

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Before Tiger Woods, the winner of 76 official PGA Tour events, golf had a reputation of being a boring sport. It’s a ball game all right, but it does not involve running. Neither does it have the competitive environment so palpably felt in the basketball court or soccer field. Golf was simply a game for the elite, in particular, the older generation. All that changed drastically when Tiger Woods began playing.

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Muhammad Ali, formerly known as Cassius Clay and known to the world as “The People’s Champ,” first came to prominence in 1960 after winning a Gold medal for the U.S.A. Boxing Team at the Olympics in Rome. He later became the Boxing Heavyweight Champion of the World, a strong supporter of civil rights in the U.S. during the 1960s, and a minister of Islam who would take on the U.S. government by refusing to be drafted into the Vietnam War and facing a boxing ban that could have marked the end of his career.

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More popularly known by his nickname, The Blade Runner, Oscar Pistorius is truly an inspirational figure we all can look up to. Despite not having feet, Oscar won many championships in the field of racing, even competing with able–bodied people.

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Professional surfer Bethany Hamilton first came to the world’s attention in 2003, at the age of thirteen, when she was attacked by a tiger shark while surfing and lost her left arm; amazingly, she returned to surfing only three weeks later. She is evangelist, occasional actress, motivational speaker and the bestselling author of “Soul Surfer,” a memoir which was adapted to a biopic film in 2011. She continues to surf to this day.

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