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Wim Hof holds the title of the only person able to withstand being submerged in ice for one hour and 52 minutes. He does the unexpected, thus accomplishes things thought to be impossible. How he stays alive after being subjected to extremely cold environment baffled doctors. His amazingly normal physiological response to abnormally low temperature was closely studied by doctors and experts alike.


Why Wim Hof is Extraordinary

Wim Hof defies human fragility in many ways. He can stand being buried in ice for almost two hours without the slightest hint of hypothermia. He withstood running on the desert of Namibia without having a single drop of water. He has conquered Mount Kilimanjaro with nothing but footwear and a pair of shorts on. Wim has a flair for doing the extraordinary. It’s not arrogance that drives Wim to achieve impossible feats. What inspires him to take on incredible challenges is his sheer determination to overcome fear. He befriended fear and subdued it over time.

The man who has 18 world records under his belt openly talks about his technique. According to him, anyone is capable of achieving what he has done if equipped with the right attitude and technique. In his desire to tell people of the truth he has uncovered, he gives talks and charges a minimal fee of 150 dollars per seminar. Clearly, Wim is not after the money.

Ever since he was a little boy, Wim had dreadful experiences with the cold. He almost died of hypothermia twice. But instead of getting traumatized by the cold, he chose to do the unexpected—face it head-on. Years ago, Wim walked around the neighborhood while it was snowing. That walk was liberating because it was the first time he decided to do something about his fear of the cold by walking barefoot on the freezing street.

Since then, Wim felt comfortable with the cold. He then realized that he was afraid of heights. He had this tremendous fear of falling. In order to conquer his fear, Wim climbed one of the trickiest monoliths there was in his area. He never gave up until he had fully gotten rid of his fear of heights.

That kind of mindset became Wim’s greatest asset. He began his public appearances after having a newspaper covered his swimming in ice-cold water demonstration while wearing only a pair of shorts. It’s not everyday that people see such kind of extraordinary endeavor. It marked his journey to fame as The Iceman.

He’s been around the world regaling people of his ability to stay alive in extremely cold temperature. Not only that, he also managed to do serious mountain climbing expeditions wearing shorts and ordinary footwear.

Because of his achievements as a “daredevil,” Wim earned global accolades. Studies done on him revealed that Wim has a superhuman ability to control reflexes deemed involuntary. This is by far the greatest exemplification of mind over matter. Wim proved that by unifying the mind and body, human beings will be able to achieve what was thought to be impossible. It is by sheer training and hard work that Wim overcame his childhood trauma. What was thought to be his nemesis became his dear friend. Instead of succumbing to hypothermia, Wim successfully heats up his body to offset biting cold.

But he goes on saying that it is his mission to teach everyone how to address fear. Wim took it upon himself to inspire people to do the impossible to prove that we are beings created to be one with nature. Wim’s story is not striking due to his athletic prowess. He is also not famous because he is able to amass great wealth. Wim’s claim to fame is rather permanent and intangible. Yet, it’s something he has been working very hard to share with others—the ability to conquer fear.

Wim’s Unorthodox Method of Overcoming Fear

The undeterred Wim does not see things ordinary people do. And that is what makes him different. He admits to being plagued by fear. He is also no stranger to depression. Sickness also gets him time and again. In short, Wim is 100 percent human in flesh and spirit. What he has though is an exceptionally positive outlook—that every problem has a corresponding solution. Wim knows how to respond to adversities.

By doing the impossible, Wim is fulfilling his mission. He has given hope to people defeated by illnesses or diseases. Wim gave doctors new ideas for healing and combating illnesses. It’s heartwarming to find someone risking his life just to get the message of hope across. We find a hero in Wim Hof who attains what “experts” tell him he cannot do by doing his very best to prove them wrong.

Looking at his life, we learn basic truths about our mortality and our natural gift to endure extremely harsh environments and circumstances. His Wim Hof Foundation gets most of the proceeds he makes in his appearances. The foundation is his way of continuously having his life focused on restoring the lives of people combating hopelessness—the very enemy of our existence.

Top Reasons why Wim Hof is Extraordinary

  1. He is called the Ice Man because of his ability to stay buried in ice.
  2. He has 18 world records under his belt.
  3. He is a bestselling author. He wrote the book "Becoming the Iceman," which is his biography.
  4. He is a Global Warming Ambassador.
  5. He completed a full marathon in Finland wearing nothing but a pair of shorts.
  6. He survived a bad case of pneumonia and frostbite.
  7. He proved his versatility when he completed a marathon in Namibia Desert without drinking water.
  8. He established the Wim Hof Foundation to support scientific research into the control of the immune system by using physiology alone (as opposed to medication).
  9. In 2009, he successfully conquered Mount Kilimanjaro, wearing nothing but shoes and shorts.
  10. In 2012, he broke his own record and was able to stand on ice for 1 hour and 52 minutes and 42 seconds.

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